Primary Care Specialist

Primary Care Specialist

Primary Care services offered in Farmington, NM, Durango, Cortez and Pagosa Springs, CO and Blanding and Monticello, UT

Primary Care offers the services you need for good everyday health. At Innovation Medical Group Southwest Territory, the Primary Care specialists provide regular checkups, treat injuries, and diagnose illnesses. Call the Farmington, New Mexico, or Cortez, Colorado  and Durango, Colorado, offices to set up your Primary Care appointment or use this website to schedule online. 

Primary Care Q & A

What is Primary Care?

Primary Care offers comprehensive health care to serve most of your basic needs. It’s the point of contact for all things health-related, including: 

  • Everyday health problems
  • Health checkups, and routine physical exams
  • Management of chronic health conditions
  • Treatment of minor illnesses
  • Care for minor injuries, including cuts, fractures, and burns
  • Health screening tests and exams
  • Immunization programs
  • Advice on leading a healthier lifestyle
  • Weight loss programs

Primary Care services can even be scheduled for same-day visits if you have an urgent health need that can’t wait for a future appointment.

What kinds of conditions does Primary Care treat?

The Primary Care services at Innovation Medical Group Southwest Territory provide all the care you need for acute and chronic issues.

The only time you would bypass the practice is if you have an emergency situation, like symptoms of a heart attack, or a complex condition, like cancer. 

Primary Care offers support for injuries like sprains, strains, and back problems, and common illnesses like colds, flu, stomach upsets, rashes, headaches, and fevers.

Your Primary Care provider is also your first point of contact if you have long-term health problems that require ongoing management, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression and other mood disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Eczema
  • Joint pain
  • Immune system disorders
  • Thyroid problems

Primary Care services are also preventive and include necessary screenings and lifestyle recommendations to keep you healthy. 

Do I need a Primary Care provider? 

Even if you’re in generally good health, it's smart to have a Primary Care provider. They can manage your long-term health and offer support for various conditions.

Having a trusted Primary Care provider means you have a health specialist to turn to if you should have an urgent health need. 

The team at Innovative Medical Group Southwest Territory keeps a record of any health changes and can catch problems early and intervene before you develop serious complications.

Get the Primary Care you need to cover all your major health needs.

Call one of the Innovation Medical Group Southwest Territory offices today or use this website to schedule an appointment online.