Lab Testing Specialist

Lab Testing Specialist

Lab Testing services offered in Farmington, NM, Durango, Cortez and Pagosa Springs, CO and Blanding and Monticello, UT

In-house lab testing makes diagnosis and treatment that much more convenient and effective. At Innovation Medical Group Southwest Territory in Farmington, New Mexico, and Durango, Colorado, you get onsite lab testing for preventive and diagnostic care. Call the nearest office or use this website to schedule an appointment online for lab testing and analysis. 

Lab Testing Q & A

What is involved in lab testing?

The comprehensive lab services offered at Innovation Medical Group Southwest Territory include blood, urine, and saliva testing. You get these procedures done in the office, while other medical care facilities often require you to go to an outside lab, delaying your results. 

Your doctor gets the information to inform your diagnosis or treatment quickly, which means better healing outcomes.

When would I need to take advantage of lab testing?

Lab testing is part of preventive care, chronic disease management, and general health screenings. You might get a lab test, such as blood work or urinalysis, to:

  • Determine why you’re experiencing unusual symptoms
  • Diagnose diseases and conditions
  • Monitor chronic illness
  • Plan treatment 
  • Get you ready before minor procedures
  • Clear you for operations, or sedation
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current treatments

Full lab testing is part of annual exams for women, men, and older children. If you come in for a same-day visit with a problem like a sore throat or COVID-19 symptoms, the team can test you for illness so you can get any prescriptions or take any precautions necessary. 

How does full lab testing work?

How your labs are conducted depends on your symptoms or what screening you’re undergoing. Basically, your saliva, urine, or blood sample is evaluated to look for signs of disease, infection, or irregularity. 

You don’t have to do anything but provide a sample. Blood testing usually takes just a few minutes as the technician draws a small vial or two of blood from a vein in your arm. Urinalysis instructions call for you to clean your genitals and then catch a urine sample in a container in midstream. 

If you have a sore throat, the doctors may take a swab of the back of the throat to culture it for strep bacteria. 

How do I prepare for lab testing?

The Innovation Medical Group Southwest Territory team tells you how to prepare for your lab test. Some blood screenings, for cholesterol or blood glucose levels, some blood screenings require you to fast for up to 12 hours ahead of time. Some blood tests and urine tests require no preparation.

You may need to make temporary medication changes, but this is only done under the advisement and guidance of your medical provider. 

Take advantage of the convenience of in-house lab testing offered at Innovation Medical Group Southwest Territory. Call today for an appointment or use this website to schedule online.