About Nicholas

Podiatrist serving New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah

Nicholas Hugentobler, DPM

About Nicholas

Dr. Hugentobler realized that he wanted to be a podiatrist after developing shin splints while in college. His shin splints inhibited him from being able to run or play sports.

However, after visiting with his uncle, who is also a podiatrist, Dr. Hugentobler was fitted for custom orthotics, which complete changed his life for the better.

After seeing how his uncle helped him overcome his pain and discomfort, Dr. Hugentobler decided that he wanted to make a difference in people's lives in a similar manner.

Dr. Hugentobler sits down with you and gets to know you individually. His mission is to provide high-quality podiatry care by first educating his patients on their specific conditions.

Offering his patients centered care, he works directly with you to find the best treatment solutions for your specific need.